Hematopoietic fingerprints: An expression database of stem cells and their progeny (Cell Stem Cell, 2007, 1:578-591)

報告日期: 2009/05/19
報告時間: 16:05/16:55
報告學生: 陳疇丞(英文報告)
講評老師: 何中良


Hematopoietic Fingerprints: An Expression Database of Stem Cells and Their Progeny

Cell Stem Cell, Volume 1, Issue 5, 578-591, 15 November 2007


Speaker: C.C. Chen(陳疇丞)

Commentator: 何中良 教授

Time: 2009, 5, 19 (PM: 4:05~4:55)



Before this study, the few genes of regulated hematopoietic process had been known. The study utilizes the HSCs (Hematopoietic Stem Cells) and their progeny including erythrocytes, granulocytes, monocytes, NK cells, activated and naive T cells, and B cells from mice to establish the database. This database depicted the shared genes or unique genes between each cell types, and the unique genes are also called fingerprint containing 100~400 genes. The authors finds that the expressions of genes in HSCs are more than their progeny, and Wnt signal pathway is enhanced in HSCs; however, there are as the same as many patterns of gene expression between HSCs and T cell. Finally, author uses two genes of database including Zfp105 from the NK cell lineage and Ets2 from the monocyte lineage to detect that individual expression of HSCs can cause their fate of differentiation; Zfp105 expression of HSCs and Ets2 expression of HSCs make HSCs differentiate to NK cell and monocyte, respectively; this evidences proves the fingerprint that can represent the differentiation of HSCs.



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