Plasma fibronectin promotes lung metastasis by contributions to fibrin clots and tumor cell invasion (Cancer Res, 2010, 70(11):4327-4334)

報告日期: 2011/04/15
報告時間: 16:00/16:50
報告學生: 鄭昭旻 (英文報告)
講評老師: 王憶卿

Full Text:

Plasma Fibronectin Promotes Lung Metastasis by Contributions to Fibrin Clots and Tumor Cell Invasion
Gunjan Malik, Lynn M. Knowles, Rajiv Dhir, Shuping Xu, Shuting Yang, Erkki Ruoslahti, and Jan Pilch Cancer Research; 70(11) June 1, 2010
Speaker: Chao-Min, Cheng
Commentator: Yi-Ching, Wang
Date/Time: 2011/04/15 16:00-16:50
Room: 602
    Metastasis includes various and complex molecular mechanisms during every stages. Once tumor cells escape the primary site and enter circulation system, the cells flow in bloodstream and adhere to the target organs. The circulating tumor cells are stabilized by thrombus through plasma fibronectin and fibrin in the vasculature. Fibronectin is one of the most important components of clotted plasma, and the upregulation of fibronectin expression is positive correlated to metastasis. Fibronectin has been known to bind to many members of integrin such as αvβ3. Therefore, how fibronectin promotes metastasis by the regulation of integrin is a question.  
    To dissect the role of plasma fibronectin for metastasis and define the relationship of fibronectin and integrin in the circulating cancer cells.
    From the animal metastasis experiment, the postnatally plasma fibronectin deficient mice revealed significant reduction of lung metastasis, but not liver. They indicated plasma fibronectin is needed for metastasis activity in plasma clot formation. The adhesion and invasion assays showed fibronectin and fibrin can induce cancer cells adhesion and invasion by activated integrin αvβ3.  
    Plasma fibronectin promotes lung metastasis through the activation of integrinαvβ3 at clotted plasma.
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