Ex vivo culture of circulating breast tumor cells for individualized testing of drug susceptibility (Science 2014,345: 216)

報告日期: 2014/10/31
報告時間: 4:00/4:50
報告學生: 林原禾
講評老師: 鄭宏祺
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Ex vivo culture of circulating breast tumor cells for individualized testing of drug susceptibility

Min Yu,1,2* Aditya Bardia,1,3 Nicola Aceto,1 Francesca Bersani,1 Marissa W. Madden,1 Maria C. Donaldson,1 Rushil Desai,1 Huili Zhu,1 Valentine Comaills,1 Zongli Zheng,1,4,5 Ben S.Wittner,1 Petar Stojanov,6 Elena Brachtel,4 Dennis Sgroi,1,4 Ravi Kapur,7 Toshihiro Shioda,1,3 David T. Ting,1,3 Sridhar Ramaswamy,1,3 Gad Getz,1,4,6 A. John Iafrate,1,4 Cyril Benes,1,3 Mehmet Toner,7,8 Shyamala Maheswaran,1,8† Daniel A. Haber1,2,3†.

Science. 2014 Jul 11;345(6193):216-20.

Speaker: Yuan-Ho Lin                           Date: 2014.10.31

Commentator: Hung-Chi Cheng                   Place: Room 602


  Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are rare cancer cells released from tumors into the bloodstream that are thought to have a key role in cancer metastasis. They provide unique information for the management of breast cancer patients, since their detection and monitoring is useful for prognosis, prediction of response to therapy, or monitoring clinical course in patients with localized or metastatic disease. However, there are still a lot of analytical challenges to be solved because CTCs are very rare (1 CTC in 106–107 leukocytes). In this paper, they have shown that the culture of tumor cells circulating in the blood of six patients with estrogen receptor–positive breast cancer. Three of five CTC lines tested were tumorigenic in mice. After genome sequencing, they select two mutated drug targets identified in CTCs;namely, ESR1 and PIK3CA mutations. They treat the different drug that focus on the target mutant respectively, and found that cultured CTCs were higher sensitive than other drugs. This paper provides an opportunity to study patterns of drug susceptibility, linked to the genetic context that is unique to an individual tumor.


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