Inducing and expanding regulatory T cell populations by foreign antigen (Nat Immunol, 2005, 6:1219-1227)

報告日期: 2006/04/18
報告時間: 15:10/16:00
報告學生: 林裕萍 (英文報告)
講評老師: 黎煥耀


Inducing and expanding regulatory T cell populations by foreign antigen

Nature Immunology 6, 1219 - 1227 (2005)


Speaker : 林裕萍                                                   Time : 15:10-16:00, 20060418

Commentator : 黎煥耀老師                                   Place : Room 602



  The CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells are crucial for maintaining self-tolerance and preventing autoimmune diseases. They achieve the regulatory functions by inhibiting proliferation of effect T cells and reducing interlukin-2 (IL-2) production.   It has been shown that regulatory T cells develop both in thymus and peripheral lymphoid organs. The peripheral-generated regulatory T cells can control antigen-specific immune response. However, the mechanisms involved in the peripheral generation of regulatory T cells are not known. In this study, the authors investigated whether peripheral-generated regulatory T cells could be initiated through antigen presentation by dendritic cells. They demonstrated that challenging by minute antigen dose with insufficient dendritic cell activation (subimmunogenic condition) would convert naïve T cells into regulatory T cells. The populations of regulatory T cells generated in this condition could be subsequently expanded by delivering antigen in usual, immunogenic condition. Moreover, the present of TGF-b receptor signaling or the absence of IL-2 enhanced this conversion process. In summary, this study describes the precise conditions required to facilitate the generation of regulatory T cells in peripheral lymphoid organs in vivo, which may be useful to induct of antigen-specific tolerance for therapeutic purpose.



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