A perivascular Niche for brain tumor stem cells (Cancer Cell, 2007, 11:69-82)

報告日期: 2007/10/19
報告時間: 17:10/18:00
報告學生: 翁菁憶
講評老師: 張 玲

A Perivascular Niche for Brain Tumor Stem Cells

Cancer cell 11:69-82, 2007

Speaker 翁菁憶

Commentator 張玲 老師

Time 17:10-18:00

Place Room 602



Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are thought to be critical for initiation and propagation of many types of cancer. Because these cells are resistant to conventional therapies, they have been very difficult to eliminate. This study suggests that brain tumor CSCs live in a “vascular niche” that promotes their long-term growth and self-renewal. They demonstrate that Nestin+/CD133+ cancer cells, that include the CSC fraction, are located to capillaries in brain tumors. The data show that endothelial cells interact selectively with Nestin+/CD133+ brain cancer cells in culture and supply secreted factors that maintain those cells in a self-renewing and undifferentiated state. Increasing the number of endothelial cells or blood vessels in the orthotopic brain tumor xenografts, the Nestin+/CD133+ cancer cells expanded the numbers of self-renewal and accelerated the initiation and growth of tumors. Conversely, antiangiogenic therapies depleted tumor blood vessels and associated self-renewing Nestin+/CD133+ cancer cells from xenografts and arrested tumor growth. Thus, authors propose that the brain tumor microvasculature forms niche microenvironments that maintain CSCs and that represent therapeutic targets in brain tumors.



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