Notch regulates cell fate and dendrite morphology of newborn neurons in the postnatal dentate gyrus (PNAS, 2007, 104:20558-20563)

報告日期: 2008/05/23
報告時間: 16:00/16:50
報告學生: 葉哲銘
講評老師: 黃阿敏

Notch regulates cell fate and dendrite morphology of newborn neurons in the postnatal dentate gyrus

Joshua J. Breunig, John Silbereis, Flora M. Vaccarino, Nenad estan and Pasko Rakic

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 104 (51):20558-20063, 2007.


Speaker: Che-Ming Yeh (葉哲銘)

Commentator: A-Min Huang, Ph.D. (黃阿敏老師)

Date : 5 / 23 / 2008 16:10-17:00

Place : room 602



The neurogensis in the adult brain consists of multiple consecutive processes, including proliferation, cell fate specification, differentiation and maturation. Up to date, a number of mediators have been shown to be involved in these processes. Notch signaling has long been proposed to be one of the mediators involved in regulating the adult-born neurons. Although the expression level of Notch changes dynamically along the whole developmental processes, how and when Notch regulates the neurodevelopment processes remains unclear. In this study, the authors try to figure out the functional role of Notch by using an inducible form of Cre recombination to generate two genotypes of mouse in gain- (NICD Tg) and loss- (Notch cKO) of-function of Notch1 specific in new born neurons, and to study the impact of Notch dysfunction on the progenitor cells proliferation and differentiation. The authors find that in NICD Tg mice, which overexpressed with Notch intracellular activating domain, the progenitor cells can not migrate into the granule cell layer and continue to proliferate in the hilus. Whereas in Notch cKO mice, the number of progenitor cells leave cell cycle dramatically and begin to differentiate into neurons. However both loss or gain of Notch results in disturbance of neuronal maturation; i.e., new born neurons showed abnormal arborization and branching. These findings indicate that the function of Notch must be controlled precisely to regulate the proper developmental of newborn neurons along the whole processes.



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