miR-124 regulates adult neurogenesis in the subventricular zone stem cell niche (Nat Neurosci, 2009, 12:399-408)

報告日期: 2009/12/11
報告時間: 17:10/18:00
報告學生: 洪惠琪
講評老師: 黃阿敏


miR-124 regulates adult neurogenesis in the subventricular zone stem cell niche

Nat Neurosci 12, 399-408 (2009)


Li-Chun Cheng, Erika Pastrana, Masoud Tavazoie & Fiona Doetsch


Speaker: Hung, Huei-Chi

Commentator: Huang, A-Min, Ph.D.

17:00-17:50, Dec 11, 2009, Room 602




       The subventricular zone (SVZ) is a known neurogenic niche of neurogenesis and self-renewing neurons in the adult brain. The various niche factors can act on stem cells to alter gene expression, and induce their proliferation or differentiation in development fate. This study found that the brain-enriched microRNA miR-124 is an important regulator of the temporal progression of neurogenesis in the adult SVZ stem cell niche. Blocking miR-124 maintain SVZ stem cells as dividing precursors, whereas ectopic expression of miR-124 led to precocious and neuronal differentiation. Furthermore, during regeneration, knockdown of miR-124 led to the formation hyperplasias of immature neurons and delayed the neuronal regeneration. Moreover, the authors identified the SRY (sex determining region Y)-box transcription factor Sox9 as being a physiological target of miR-124 at the transition from the transit amplifying cell to the neuroblast stage. The Sox9 overexpression abolished the production of neurons, but Sox9 knockdown led to increased neuron formation in SVZ lineage. The author suggests that miR-124 mediated repression of Sox9 is important for progression along the SVZ stem cell lineage to neurons.




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