IL-17 can promote tumor growth through an IL-6-Stat3 signaling pathway (J Exp Med, 2009, 206:1457-1464)

報告日期: 2010/04/09
報告時間: 17:10/18:00
報告學生: 陳勝義
講評老師: 張明熙

IL-17 can promote tumor growth through an IL-6–Stat3 signaling pathway

Lin Wang. et al. J. Exp. Med. 206(7); 1457-1464 (2009).


Speaker: 陳勝義

Commentator: 張明熙教授

Time: 17:00-18:00, Apr. 09, 2010

Place: 602



Th17 cells produce IL-17. The number of IL-17-producing T cells is increased in some tumors1. Whether IL-17 promotes cancer procession remains to be disclosed. Th1 T cells produce IFN-g to provide antitumor immunity and inhibite Th17 cells development2. The authors used IFN-g-/-, IL-17-/-, or IFN-g-/-IL-17-/- double knock out C57BL/6 mice to evaluate the effect of IL-17 in modulating tumor growth. They found that both tumor growth of B16 and MB49 is reduced in IL-17-/- mice and IFN-g-/-IL-17-/- double KO mice but accelerated in IFN-g-/- mice. The B16 Tumor growth in Rag-/- (T cell deficiency) mice was significantly increased by adoptive transfer of IFN-g-/- T cells, compared with that of IFN-g-/-IL-17-/- T cells. Furthermore, IL-17 activated Stat3 in both tumor and stromal cells. The production of IL-6 increases in various cancers and that further activates Stat33. In this paper, the authors also found that IL-17 stimulated both B16 and MB49 cells to produce IL-6. Furthermore, neutralizing IL-6 reduced Stat3 activation of MB49 cells upon IL-17 stimulation. In summary, these data suggest that IL-17 promotes tumor growth via IL-6-Stat3 signaling pathway.



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